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Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to Emf Radiation Safety

Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to Emf Radiation Safety

Learn how EMF radiation emitted from modern technology such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, and smart meters affects the body, the proven health risks, the latest studies, and what you can do to protect yourself and loved ones right now.

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ISBN 9780998199603
Barcode 9780998199603
Published 15 June 2017 by FOOTPRINT BOOKS
Format Trade Paperback/Paperback
Author(s) By Debaun, Daniel T.
By Debaun, Ryan P.
Foreword by Asprey, Dave
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ISBN-13 9780998199603
ISBN-10 0998199605
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Status Out of print
Imprint Icaro Publishing
Publication Date 15 June 2017
International Publication Date 10 July 2017
Publication Country Australia Australia
Format Trade Paperback/Paperback
Author(s) By Debaun, Daniel T.
By Debaun, Ryan P.
Foreword by Asprey, Dave
Category Occupational / Industrial Health & Safety
Nuclear Structure Physics
Communications Engineering / Telecommunications
Safety In The Home
Popular Medicine
Consumer Guides & Advice
Number of Pages 208
Dimensions Width: 133mm
Height: 203mm
Spine: 11mm
Weight 218g
Interest Age General Audience
Reading Age General Audience
Library of Congress Low-level radiation - Health aspects, Radio waves - Health aspects, Electromagnetic waves - Health aspects, Cell phones - Health aspects
NBS Text Family & Health: General
ONIX Text General/trade
Dewey Code 363.13
Catalogue Code 893903

Description of this Book

An Invisible Danger on the RiseYou eat organic and non-GMO food. You only drink purified water. You take care of yourself and your family's health. But could there be a silent, invisible danger causing potential harm to you and your loved ones? There could. And it's called electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation and its one of fastest growing health issues facing our society. EMF radiation produced by modern technology such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi, and smart meters is an emerging health threat, and we are all guinea pigs in a giant experiment with many unknown consequences. But Aren't These Technologies Regulated and Safe?Surely the government and other regulatory agencies make sure these technologies are completely safe before they are approved for wide-spread use, right? Think again. Ninety-five percent of American adults use cell phones regularly. Most households have Wi-Fi. And even schools are increasingly becoming dependent on wireless devices. And yet none of these technologies have been proven safe to humans for long-term exposure.In fact, science confirms that the EMF emitted from common electronic devices can cause definite biological changes in the body, and mounting research has already shown it can lead to a long list of health concerns - some of which can be pretty serious.The explosive use of mobile devices only occurred over the last twenty years, yet we have only scratched the surface of what technology is yet to come. Children born today will be exposed to much higher doses of EMF radiation than those born just ten years ago. What are the ramifications and what can we do now to minimize the fallout? Is There a Solution?Fortunately, there are simple and effective steps you can take to minimize the risks. Education is key. With a foreword by Bulletproof's Dave Asprey, Radiation Nation is info-packed with all the essential education you need to make smart choices to stay safe when it comes to technology. In Radiation Nation, you will learn: What EMF radiation is and how it affects the body biologically The major health risks including fertility issues for both men and women, DNA damage, cell mutation, cancer and other serious health risks The latest scientific studies broken down by disease or condition How EMF radiation specifically affects children and those suffering with electromagnetic hypersensitivity Why the current safety standards for EMF are insufficient and need to be rewritten The EMF sources of greatest concern The most practical precautions you can take for yourself and your loved ones

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Awards, Reviews & Star Ratings

NZ Review -Radiation Nation sheds light on the vitally important issue of EMF radiation in our current world. We are just beginning to understand the far-reaching effects of what will become known as the -smoking gun- of our generation.- - Katie Wells, WellnessMama.com -Very early, I coined this as -the most gigantic human full-scale experiment ever-. Is anyone really seriously believing this is safe? The authors and I do not. To find out more about this topic, read this book - it is written by two genuine experts but for any layman to easily enjoy. The authors explain the current science so well so even I - as a scientist - learned more! - Olle Johansson, Associate Professor in Neuroscience, the Karolinska Institute-When I first interviewed Daniel DeBaun on my podcast, I realized quickly that he is one of the most knowledgeable minds on the face of the planet when it comes to defending yourself from the host of electrical pollution that we now face in our post-industrialized era. Problem is, until I got my hands on Radiation Nation, I could never find one, centralized, convenient location to fill me in on all the existing research on EMF along with every single practical recommendation that exists to actually defend yourself against this radiation. But this book contains everything that you need to know. I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you care about your own health and that of your families in our modern era.- -Ben Greenfield, BenGreenfieldFitness.com -EMF safety can be a controversial and confusing topic, but Radiation Nation unpacks it all with ease and clarity. You'll walk away with a solid understanding of EMF risks as well as concrete ways to protect you and your family. This book is a must-read for our digital world!- - Genevieve Howland, Founder of MamaNatural.com -Finally, a handbook that explains the health impact of radiation from our technology and practical steps for protection.- - Lauren Geertsen, Empowered Sustenance- Radiation Nation is a must read for everyone who uses mobile phones, notebooks or laptop computers. It's an absolute must read for all health care practitioners! As a Nutritional Therapist I have already seen the effects of EMFs on blood sugar regulation and hormones and the potential epigenetic effects on our children and grandchildren can only be described as terrifying. The good news is that Radiation Nation not only helps us to understand the dangers but also teaches us how to safely use the technologies we have grown to love.- - Gray L. Graham B.A., President and Founder of the Nutritional Therapy Association-Nearly all of us living in civilized society today are surrounded by WiFi and other forms of electromagnetic radiation on a 24/7 basis. It is critical to clearly understand the sources of this exposure and minimize risks where and when possible. Radiation Nation explains both the problem and the solutions each of us needs to know to protect our long term health from development of EMF related disease. This information is particularly important for households with growing children for whom excessive exposure to EMFs has become endemic.- - Sarah Pope, The Healthy Home Economist -Radiation Nation is very useful for those who are extensively using a cell phone and other sources of EMF. I highly recommend this book for consumers as well as radiation scientists.- - Dr. Kedar N. Prasad, PH.D., World expert in radiation biology

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Author's Bio

Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in in EMF radiation, related health issues, and shielding, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from personal mobile devices. Daniel's concern regarding the health impact of EMF emissions grew from over thirty years of engineering experience in the telecommunication industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs. Through the course of his career, Daniel has created requirements for large telecommunication systems, led technical divisions responsible for establishing industry standards, and formed analysis adherence testing for next-generation digital transmission systems. Daniel also oversaw laboratories that analyzed electromagnetic radiation interference, electrical signals, and digital formats. Daniel is the inventor of DefenderShield(R), a form of protection technology for modern electronic devices. In addition to his work with DefenderShield(R), Daniel is a highly regarded industry consultant, writer, and speaker, as well as a frequent guest on national radio and television programs discussing the impacts of EMF radiation and protection options. As co-author of Radiation Nation and co-founder of DefenderShield(R), Ryan is considered a leading expert in EMF radiation safety issues. Throughout his extensive career, Ryan has worked across all aspects of media with companies including HBO, CNBC, CBS, ABC and has been instrumental in taking complex subject matter and making it accessible for the general public. His media and communications background, as well as his in-depth understanding of health and wellness, allows him to help educate worldwide communities about the potential concerns of EMF radiation exposure and ways to minimize the risks.

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