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              Modern Grinding Techniques

              Modern Grinding Techniques (Hardback)

              By Rowe, W. Brian

              ISBN 9780470607480
              Released NZ 5 Nov 2010
              Publisher John Wiley & Sons Australia Lt
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Wiley-Scrivener
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              Modern Grinding Technology and Systems

              Modern Grinding Technology and Systems (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              Guest editor Rowe, W. Brian

              • RRP: $109.99
              • $109.99
              • In Stock US

              This specialist edition features key innovations in the science and engineering of new grinding processes, abrasives, tools, machines, and systems for a range of important industrial applications. Topics written by invited, internationally recognized authors review the advances a...nd present results of research over a range of well-known grinding processes. A significant introductory review chapter explores innovations to achieve high productivity and very high precision in grinding. The reviewed applications range from grinding systems for very large lenses and reflectors, through to medium size grinding machine processes, and down to grinding very small components used in MEMS . Early research chapters explore the influence of grinding wheel topography on surface integrity and wheel wear. A novel chapter on abrasive processes also addresses the finishing of parts produced by additive manufacturing through mass finishing. Materials to be ground range from conventional engineering steels to aerospace materials, ceramics, and composites. The research findings highlight important new results for avoiding material sub-surface damage. The papers compiled in this book include references to many source publications which will be found invaluable for further research, such as new features introduced into control systems to improve process efficiency. The papers also reflect significant improvements and research findings relating to many aspects of grinding processes, including machines, materials, abrasives, wheel preparation, coolants, lubricants, and fluid delivery. Finally, a definitive chapter summarizes the optimal settings for high precision and the achievement of centerless grinding stability.
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              ISBN 9783038429371
              Released NZ 11 Jun 2019
              Publisher Mdpi AG
              Interest Age General Audience
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              Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels

              Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels (Hardback, 2nd New edition)

              By Marinescu, Ioan D.; Hitchiner, Mike P.; Uhlmann, Eckart; Rowe, W. Brian; Inasaki, Ichiro

              • RRP: $447.00
              • $447.00
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              Grinding offers capabilities that range from high-rate material removal to high-precision superfinishing and has become one of the most widely used industrial machining and surface finishing operations. Reflecting modern developments in the science and practice of grinding, this ...handbook presents a broad range of abrasive machining technologies with a focus on the fundamental concepts and practical applications. This edition includes new materials, new types of abrasives, new machine-tools, new software, and new and basic research carried out by the authors.
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              ISBN 9781482206685
              Released NZ 8 Feb 2016
              Publisher Apple Academic Press Inc.
              Interest Age General Audience
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