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              The Gnome Chronicles: Bracken and the Crystal Cave

              The Gnome Chronicles: Bracken and the Crystal Cave (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Waters, Donna M.; Waters, Kenneth W.; Illustrated by Barrett, Katie

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              Once upon a summer... When Holly and Drew's parents go to Ireland for the summer, they get sent to their grandparents' cottage in West Virginia. Grandpa has warned them - that they need to stay within certain boundaries while exploring the area. Children often fail to observe suc...h warnings. One day, while investigating the creek by the cottage, the children happen upon a gnome named Bracken. The gnome leads Holly and Drew on a merry chase, but they eventually become friends. Bracken tells them about his home; a magical realm, accessed through a portal in the crystal cave. Holly and Drew's grandparents (Elmer and Lottie O'Day) are the observers of this portal. One day a gleaner, the evil servant of the druid (Dareg), wandered out of the portal and attacked Elmer and Lottie. The gleaner put a spell on them, casting them into a deep enchanted sleep. No one could awaken them. Bracken followed the gleaner back to his home realm (Upper-Earth). Once there, Bracken must discover what the gleaner is up to, so that he can restore Elmer and Lottie. Drew follows Bracken through the crystal henge, where he finds himself in a strange realm filled with fairytale creatures and danger. The adventure is on... Drew is nearly drowned by a watershee, survives a dragon attack in the gnome cave and discovers some important magical artifacts. Meanwhile, Dareg has released many of the dragons from their island sanctuary, and is transporting them to Middle-Earth. He plans to use the dragons to help him conquer mankind. Can Bracken and Drew stop him?
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              ISBN 9781450706612
              Released NZ 30 Jul 2010
              Publisher Portal Books
              Interest Age Children
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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