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              What If . . . All the Boys Wanted You?

              What If . . . All the Boys Wanted You? (Library Binding)

              By Ruckdeschel, Liz; James, Sara

              Haley's back at Hillsdale High after a New England vacation with her family. She's got a new haircut and some great new clothes, but the same problems--and the same people--continue to follow her. Coco and Whitney want to groom her to become the next Coquette now that they've kic...ked Sasha to the curb, but is Haley ready to make the changes they demand? Meanwhile, Sasha seems to be in serious trouble, and Irene is still willing to take Haley to San Francisco with her. So many possibilities! So many choices! Haley's future is in your hands--choose wisely! From the Trade Paperback edition.
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              ISBN 9780385903189
              Released NZ 1 Oct 2006
              Publisher DELACORTE
              Interest Age Children / Young Adults
              Series What If ... (Library)
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