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              Little Frankie Stein

              Little Frankie Stein (Trade Paperback / Paperback, New title)

              By Z-man; the Vampires; Fyfe, Jim

              This is a hilarious kids story about a boy genius named Little Frankie Stein. The story starts when Frankie finds his late father's reanimation machine and decides to make it his next science project. A week later, his little sister's dog is killed in the streets, making family m...atters even more complicated. Frankie and his best friend Jessie decided to rescue the dead dog and make it the first subject in the reanimation machine. Miraculously, the machine works and the dog is brought back to life. A week later, Frankie's sister Crickett finds out that Mrs. Dinglemeyer, Frankie's evil teacher, is trying to kick Frankie out of his accelerated classes by springing a pop quiz on him. Frankie, Jessie and Crickett plot to steal the test over the weekend so Frankie can ace the test. During the break in at Dinglemeyer's house, she catches them in the act and in a hand-to-hand struggle over the quiz, Dinglemeyer falls and hits her head, killing her. Oops. Frankie feels he has no choice but to try to reanimate her in his new back to life machine. Follow this back to life adventure and see the consequences of the reanimation machine.
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              ISBN 9781418495626
              Released NZ 11 Jan 2005
              Publisher AuthorHouse
              Interest Age Children
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