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              The Zingoshi Chronicles : Dragonfly

              The Zingoshi Chronicles : Dragonfly (Paperback)

              By Pegler, Ellis; Jane, Bridget; Edited by Beale, Fleur; Illustrated by Veryaskina, Anya; Forsyth, Matt

              Sylvie wakes up in a gorgeous purple and blue forest, with no idea where she is or how she got there. Soon she meets Willabella, surely the most infuriating girl in the entire universe. Willabella claims she comes from a planet called Zingoshi. Creative Sylvie knows that her im...agination must be playing tricks on her. She's dreaming; it's the only explanation. She does her best to escape annoying Willabella and wake up, but she soon has to admit that it doesn't just seem like she and Willabella come from different worlds, it's a scientific fact! For some bizarre reason, Sylvie has been magically transported to Zingoshi from Earth - and now she can't get home.
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              ISBN 9780473417093
              Published NZ 1 Feb 2018
              Publisher NZ / SP Author Self Published
              Interest Age 9-12 years
              Series The Zingoshi Chronicles
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