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              Bold Tales for Brave-Hearted Boys

              Bold Tales for Brave-Hearted Boys (Hardback)

              Illustrated by Huynh, Matt; McKenna, Brenton; Howe, Simon; Joyce, Louie; By McFarlane, Susannah

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              • $20.99
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              Bold: typically describes one who is willing to take risks; who is brave in heart as well as deed. Boys can be pretty handy at dragon-felling and tower-climbing, but there is so much more to them than brawn and bravado: they have a lot to say and feel as well, as these tilted tal...es will tell... Cheer along as the sometimes unexpected heroes in these retellings of Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, The Emperor's New Clothes and Prince Leo and the Sleeping Princess create their own happily ever afters in this beautiful and emboldening bedtime book. A glorious treasury for young boys - and girls - featuring artwork from four leading Australian illustrators: Simon Howe, Matt Huynh, Louie Joyce and Brenton McKenna.
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              ISBN 9781760524715
              Published NZ 1 Oct 2019
              Publisher Allen & Unwin
              Interest Age 6-9 years
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              Haphaven (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Harper, Norm; By (artist) Joyce, Louie

              • RRP: $32.50
              • $32.50
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              Ever-superstitious Alex Mills will do anything to avoid a jinx. Picking up pennies, knocking on wood, collecting rabbit's feet . . . you name it. That is until she steps on a crack and it actually does break her mother's back. To save her mom, Alex must follow Hubbub Caskside, a ...trusty leprechaun, on a journey through the end of a rainbow to Haphaven, the world where all of Earth's superstitions draw their power. All she needs is a rabbit's foot to save her mom, but she soon discovers the lucky article won't be so easy to retrieve. Not only is the rabbit's foot guarded by Haphaven's most formidable creature, the Jinx, there's also a forest full of trees that knock back if you don't knock on wood, people named Penny who do not like to be picked up, and a particularly vindictive black cat who will not be crossed. As Alex finds herself desperately searching for a way to save her mom, she learns of a mysterious connection between her family's fate and the rulers of Haphaven. With her mother's life on the line and her own fate at stake, Alex must find the strength within herself to unlock the mystery and take back control of the superstitions that have controlled her life, even if it means crossing the Black Cat once and for all.
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              ISBN 9781549304118
              Released NZ 19 Mar 2019
              Publisher Lion Forge, LLc, The
              Interest Age 16+ years
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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              Bold Tales of Brave-Hearted Boys

              Bold Tales of Brave-Hearted Boys (Hardback)

              By McFarlane, Susannah; Illustrated by McKenna, Brenton; Howe, Simon; Huynh, Matt; Joyce, Louie

              • RRP: $42.50
              • $34.00
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              • Pub Date
                27 Oct 20

              Perfect for fans of the classic stories, Disney lovers, and readers of Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different, this stunning and inspiring picture book collects reimagined fairy tales with a modern twist to value kindness and honesty as much as strength and valiance. Battles a...re fought and dragons slain; evildoers kept from ill-gotten gain. Yet our heroes find, as perhaps will you, that it's how as well as what you do. Four brave heroes stand up for what is right in this beautifully illustrated treasury of modern fairy tales. There are many ways to be strong and save the day! Discover the gentle giant who forgives the troublesome thief who climbed his beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel as they work together to escape an evil witch, a young boy who tells the truth about the emperor's clothes despite the consequences, and a prince who fights to help a sleeping princess in need. Each story brings a unique perspective, a different illustrator, and all the charm of a classic storybook. This emboldening and accessible book is perfect for young princes and princesses learning to be clever, honest, and bold of heart.
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              ISBN 9781534473591
              Released NZ 27 Oct 2020
              Publisher Aladdin Paperbacks
              Interest Age 5-9 years
              Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 27 Oct 2020
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