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              Places I've Taken My Body

              Places I've Taken My Body (Hardback, Main)

              By McCully Brown, Molly

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              In seventeen intimate essays, poet Molly McCully Brown explores living within and beyond the limits of a body - in her case, one shaped since birth by cerebral palsy.

              ISBN 9780571361090
              Released NZ 4 May 2021
              Publisher Faber and Faber
              Interest Age 16+ years
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              Plough Quarterly No. 30 - Made Perfect: Ability and Disability

              Plough Quarterly No. 30 - Made Perfect: Ability and Disability (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By McCully Brown, Molly; Reynolds Farmer, Victoria; Danticat, Edwidge; Saldana, Stephanie; Osgood, Kelsey

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              Whose lives count as fully human? The answer matters for everyone, disabled or not. The ancient Greek ideal linked physical wholeness to moral wholeness - the virtuous citizen was beautiful and good. It's an ideal that has all too often turned deadly, casting those who do not mea...sure up as less than human. In the pre-Christian era, infants with disabilities were left on the rocks; in modern times, they have been targeted by eugenics. Much has changed, thanks to the tenacious advocacy of the disability rights movement. Yesteryear's hellish institutions have given way to customized educational programs and assisted living centers. Public spaces have been reconfigured to improve access. Therapies and medical technology have advanced rapidly in sophistication and effectiveness. Protections for people with disabilities have been enshrined in many countries' antidiscrimination laws. But these victories, impressive as they are, mask other realities that collide awkwardly with society's avowals of equality. Why are parents choosing to abort a baby likely to have a disability? Why does Belgian law allow for euthanasia in cases of disability, even absent a terminal diagnosis or physical pain? Why, when ventilators were in short supply during the first Covid wave, did some states list disability as a reason to deny care? On this theme: - Heonju Lee tells how his son with Down syndrome saved another child's life. - Molly McCully Brown and Victoria Reynolds Farmer recount their personal experiences with disability. - Amy Julia Becker says meritocracies fail because they value the wrong things. - Maureen Swinger asks six mothers around the world about raising a child with disabilities. - Joe Keiderling documents the unfinished struggle for disability rights. - Isaac T. Soon wonders if Saint Paul's thorn in the flesh was a disability. - Leah Libresco Sargeant reviews What Can a Body Do? and Making Disability Modern. - Sarah C. Williams says testing for fetal abnormalities is not a
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              ISBN 9781636080499
              Publisher Plough Publishing House
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Plough Quarterly
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