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            BOLT 3: Air Power (6 Volume set)

            BOLT 3: Air Power (6 Volume set) (Paperback)

            • RRP: $308.99
            • $308.99
            • Available At Publisher

            Titles in this series: 1)B-1B Lancer 2)B-2 Spirit 3)F-22 Raptor - NSW PRC 4)F-35 Lightning II 5)Mikoyan MiG-35 6)V-22 Osprey

            ISBN 9780716634942
            Released NZ 20 Sep 2018
            Publisher World Book
            Interest Age General Audience
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            100 Ships and Planes

            100 Ships and Planes (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

            By Caper, William; Last, First

            • RRP: $20.99
            • $20.99
            • In Stock US

            100 Ships & Planes That Shaped World History takes readers on a worldwide tour of the amazing and famous sea and air vessels of history. Ships and planes are integral parts of world history and have played decisive roles in wars, commerce and exploration. Ships such as the Maine ...and Lusitania have brought countries into wars. The voyages of the Titanic and Mayflower are still of great interest today. Includes: -- The flight of the Wright brothers' Flyer in 1903 -- Chuck Yaeger's flight on the X-l, named Glamorous Glennis, that pushed the envelope of speed beyond Mach 1 -- The Concorde broke the supersonic barrier for commercial travel in 1969. -- The Engola Gay delivered a decisive blow to end WWII -- The modern B-2 Stealth bomber, invisible to radar, was built at a cost of $1.3 billion In this book the stories of 100 important ships and planes are told with crisp and concise text -- packed with intriguing facts and information about their development and use. Chronologically organized, a wide array of ships and planes are represented, including: -- The ancient Oseberg ship of the Vikings -- William Kidd's pirate ship, the Adventure -- The Japanese WWII fighter, the Zero -- Lindburgh's the Spirit of St. Louis. Each vessel has left an indelible mark and 100 Ships and Planes That Shaped World History delivers an interesting way of learning about world history, exploration, transportation, invention, technology, commerce and much more!
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            ISBN 9780912517384
            Released NZ 21 Mar 2000
            Publisher Bluewood Books
            Interest Age Children / Young Adults
            Series 100 Series
            Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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