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              List of titles published from 26 January to 25 February 2020.

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              Hello! Kia Ora! Welcome New Friend!

              Hello! Kia Ora! Welcome New Friend! (Paperback)

              By Weston, Rachel; Illustrated by Hinde, Deborah

              • RRP: $19.99
              • $16.99
              • Save $3.00
              • In Stock At Publisher

              A beautifully illustrated book that models a kind and caring attitude to welcoming new children into their play and learning environment taught by their teacher Miss Riggs. Ruby goes from feeling like an outsider, to feeling like she belongs to her new kindergarten family

              ISBN 9780473497866
              Published NZ 3 Feb 2020
              Publisher Weston Books
              Interest Age General Audience
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Te Reo Maori: The Basics Explained

              Te Reo Maori: The Basics Explained (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Karena-Holmes, David

              • RRP: $34.99
              • $31.49
              • Save $3.50
              • In Stock At Publisher

              * An essential grammar resource to accompany the learning of Maori * Tested through many decades of teaching and writing * User-friendly layout, with key language aspects highlighted

              ISBN 9780947506698
              Published NZ 4 Feb 2020
              Publisher Oratia Media
              Interest Age General Audience
              Language (Maori)
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Girls in Tin Hats

              Girls in Tin Hats (Hardback)

              By Murray, Annie

              • RRP: $49.99
              • $39.99
              • Save $10.00
              • To Order

              Love, friendship, tragedy and courage under Birmingham's war-torn skies from the Sunday Times top ten bestselling author.

              ISBN 9781529011753
              Released NZ 6 Feb 2020
              Publisher Pan Macmillan
              Interest Age 18+ years
              Indent title (internationally sourced), usually ships 4-6 weeks
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              The First

              The First (Hardback)

              • RRP: $49.99
              • $44.99
              • Save $5.00
              • In Stock At Publisher

              For the first time the true story of New Zealand's first successful aeroplane flights and the people behind them. Extensive research provides new understanding of historic events and corrects more than a hundred years of history with a startling account of what really happened in... 1911 and how Manurewa, the first aeroplane to fly, became 'lost'. Considered New Zealand's 'Wright brothers', Leo and Vivian Walsh were part of a small group of remarkable men and women pioneering motorised transport in the 1900's. The First is the compelling story of a generation including well-known Edwardians, George Henning, Reuben Dexter and the missing early years of international Art Deco designer, Keith Murray. The author does not neglect the careers of the Walsh sisters Veronica and Doreen with their connections to women aviators Jean Batten and Gladys Henning- Sandford, radio pioneer Aunt Daisy and Evelyn Purchas, likely the first New Zealand woman on active service to lose her life in World War One. The First addresses tobacco cultivation and manufacturing in the 1870s, the Victorian bicycle craze, the first motorcars, the Glenora Park flights and the upheaval of war then its aftermath when aeroplane flight would be experienced by ordinary New Zealanders. Terry Moyle's dedication to identifying and dating historic photographs and searching for never before seen images complement an authoritative text. As with his previous titles, Art Deco Airports and Art Deco New Zealand, masterly illustration and amazing maps by designers Contour Creative Studio instill the spirit of the age in this important history book.
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              ISBN 9781869665418
              Published NZ 1 Feb 2020
              Publisher New Holland Publishers
              Interest Age General Audience
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Unrestrained Slaughter: the Maori Musket Wars 1800 - 1840

              Unrestrained Slaughter: the Maori Musket Wars 1800 - 1840 (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By McLean, John

              • RRP: $35.99
              • $35.99
              • Available At Publisher

              This is a brief account for the general reader of the deadliest and most gruesome chapter in New Zealand's history - the Musket Wars in which around one third of the Maori population were killed. The wars were a continuation of the inter-tribal fighting that had been a feature of... native life ever since the tribes arrived in New Zealand in their canoes but the introduction of muskets increased the killing to an industrial scale.
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              ISBN 9781872970680
              Barcode 9781872970684
              Published NZ 1 Feb 2020
              Publisher Tross Publishing
              Interest Age General Audience
              Showing available at publisher; usually ships 7-14 working days
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              Blackbird Rising

              Blackbird Rising (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Arthur, Keri

              • RRP: $34.50
              • $34.50
              • In Stock US

              A modern fantasy novel inspired by the King Arthur legend... For hundreds of years, the Witch King's sword has been buried in stone awaiting the next hand to draw it. Many have tried. None have succeeded. Gwen is the last in a long line of De Montfort witches whose duty it is to ...protect the sword of all power. But when she returns to King Island to perform the blessing, a mysterious pulse of blue light tells her that someone has attempted to draw the sword. Before she can investigate any further, demons attack. She only survives with the help of a mysterious stranger who disappears as quickly as he appears. Gwen and her grandmother, Moscelyne, soon discover that minor gateways into Darkside--the traditional home of both demons and dark elves--are being forced open by magic. Even worse, someone is now sending demons after the Witch King's heirs. As vital artifacts are stolen by Darkside and the deaths draw altogether too close to home, Gwen and Mo--with the help of old gods and an ancient order of knights once thought dead--scramble to unravel the clues and stop the murderous would-be king from claiming the crown. If they fail and the wrong hand draws the sword of power, he can unlock the main gateway into Darkside and unleash utter hell onto an unsuspecting and unprepared England....
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              ISBN 9780648497349
              Released NZ 3 Feb 2020
              Publisher Ka Publishing Pty Ltd
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series The Witch King's Crown
              Internationally sourced; ships 6-12 working days
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              Spenser Confidential (Movie Tie-In)

              Spenser Confidential (Movie Tie-In) (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Atkins, Ace

              • RRP: $36.99
              • $36.99
              • Pub Date
                25 Feb 20

              NOW A NETFLIX FILM STARRING MARK WAHLBERG AS SPENSER! Old friends. Small favors. Bitter rivals. Stirred together, it all makes for one explosive cocktail in this New York Times bestselling thriller that has Spenser feeling the heat... Henry Cimoli and Spenser have been friends fo...r years, yet the old boxing trainer has never asked the private eye for a favor. Until now. A developer is trying to buy up Henry's condo on Revere Beach--with a push from local thugs. Soon Spenser and his apprentice, Zebulon Sixkill, are on the trail of a mysterious woman, a megalomaniacal Las Vegas kingpin, and a shady plan to turn a chunk of land north of Boston into a sprawling casino. As alliances shift and twisted dreams surface, the Boston political machine looks to end Spenser's investigation one way or another--and once and for all. Previously Published as Robert B. Parker's Wonderland
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              ISBN 9780593190654
              Released NZ 25 Feb 2020
              Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Spenser
              Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 25 Feb 2020
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              Crimechurch (Paperback)

              By Botur, Michael

              • RRP: $35.00
              • $35.00
              • Available

              Life in the safe suburbs of Christchurch isn't dangerous enough for Marty. He needs punk, protest, politics and crackpipes. Mary and Mona descend underground and live for drugs and dodgy deals. Meanwhile war has broken out among the bikers who supply the dope.

              ISBN 9780995116665
              Published NZ 28 Jan 2020
              Publisher Misc - South Pacific Books
              Interest Age 16+ years
              Showing available from publisher, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
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              When We Were Brave

              When We Were Brave (Paperback)

              By Kelman, Suzanne

              • RRP: $21.50
              • $21.50
              • Pub Date
                24 Feb 20

              The face of the woman in the photograph was tilted upwards, as if enjoying the sunshine just for a moment, even as the wreckage of the bombed-out street lay behind her... 1944, Cornwall: Blinded by love, Vivienne Hamilton eloped to Paris with a Nazi prisoner-of-war, never to b...e seen again. A disgrace to her family, her name would not be mentioned by any of her relatives for over 75 years. Present day, London: When Sophie discovers a photograph of her great aunt Vivi from World War Two, it throws her into a world of confusion. Because, as she learns about this secret relative, she quickly realises that the photograph doesn't fit with her family's story. It shows Vivi leaving an address associated with a spy network in London - a place she had no reason to be - and it is dated right before she disappeared. Meanwhile Sophie's own life feels as blasted and bombed as the blitzed city in the photograph she's looking at. Her beautiful daughter - as full of joy and wild energy as Vivi had apparently once been - is gone; and Sophie's heart has been left broken into pieces. Retreating to the family home in rural Cornwall to seek solace from her pain and the feelings of guilt that she could have done more to protect her daughter, Sophie finds herself becoming obsessed with Vivi's life. But nothing can prepare Sophie for what she is about to uncover - the story of a woman who risked everything for the person she loved the most; and a secret family history that could be the key to Sophie's own future. A powerful, haunting and unforgettable read about love, heartbreak and betrayal set in Second World War Britain and France. Perfect for fans of The Nightingale, Under a Scarlet Sky and My Name is Eva.
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              ISBN 9781838882525
              Released NZ 24 Feb 2020
              Publisher Storyfire Ltd
              Interest Age General Audience
              Available at publisher; ships 6-14 working days
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              Into the Labyrinth

              Into the Labyrinth (Paperback)

              By Pearl Ritchie, Isa

              • RRP: $22.99
              • $18.39
              • Save $4.60
              • Available At Publisher

              A sound broke through the usual calm-the same cracking sound I had heard while I was awake! The fragments Awa Bryant trapped just after she learned she was a long-awaited-for Dreamweaver are terrifyingly close to breaking free - so close that even in the waking world she can hear... their efforts to crack their giant glass dome prison. Veila the Dreamcharmer is training her to use her powers, but Awa is impatient, distracted and still struggling with anxiety in her waking life. Yet, the threat grows stronger. She learns from Veila and the Priestess Tree that she must find the mysterious Dreamrealm labyrinth in order to master her powers and learn to alchemise the fragments before they can do more harm. Even with the training and the guidance she's received, can she succeed in her quest and defeat them before the marvellous Dreamrealm is destroyed?
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              ISBN 9780473505486
              Published NZ 20 Feb 2020
              Publisher Te Ra Aroha Press
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Dreamweavers
              Showing available at publisher; usually ships 7-14 working days
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