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              I Hate Hockey

              I Hate Hockey (EPUB ebook)

              By Barcelo, Francois; McCambridge, Peter

              In this sardonic roman noir, Antoine Vachon-a loser who has lived in a pitiful bachelor apartment since his wife left him and he lost his job as a car salesman-is persuaded to coach his son's hockey team for one game because the previous coach died mysteriously. Antoine makes it ...through the game, to great comic effect, but things go awry when the team stops at a motel and he shares a room with star player Nguyen. His roommate makes it clear that the previous coach was a pedophile and regularly shared a room with Nguyen or Antoine's own 14-year-old son. Antoine begins to suspect that his son killed the coach and goes to unbelievable ends to hide him from the police. To make matters worse, Nguyen, who turns out to be a girl, is pregnant, and Antoine's son is her boyfriend. Antoine and his ex-wife want to help the two kids and their future baby, but it is too late.
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              ISBN 9781926824307
              Available in EPUB
              Software Adobe Ebook Compatible Devices
              Language en
              Released NZ 1 Feb 2012
              Publisher Independent Publishers Group
              Interest Age 13+ years
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