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              A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality: A Mind Adventure

              A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality: A Mind Adventure (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Fulcher, Hugh Drummond

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              A Philosophy of Healing and Spirituality Have you ever expected imminent death? I survived to write my story! Philosophy questioning and theories inspire science discoveries. In 1977, a physicist/nuclear engineer became depressed, bipolar, and suicidal in a dysfunctional marriage.... Only love for his young children prevented his suicide. Sporadic episodes continued for 17 years. Psychiatric medications were not working. In 1994, he began an unusual healing and spiritual adventure. Conflicting neck, and facial, exercises extended his mind to emotional limits. The brain and muscles heal, and abilities expand after being stretched to limits. The brain creates the mind, and, recursively, the mind reflects control to the brain. Neuroscience models of the brain, and physics and philosophy based models of the mind and God, developed foundations for long healing and spiritual processes. Predicting inner sensation reactions from exercises channeled his unusual approach for healing bipolar, and possibly PTS or other stress, disorders. The author has not had an episode for 20 years - a monumental success! His work was kept separate from mental health and spiritual authorities. They would have discredited his discoveries. Expected imminent death, bipolar disorder, and inner healing have stimulated creative thinking. Spiritual messages received, Christianity, philosophy, physics, and cosmology were integrated to model God as his brand of spirituality. Jesus was and is God's gift to all who believe in Him. Creative models include: consciousness, omniscience, and omnipresence. Cultivated principles build truthful beliefs. Light and gravity waves communicate perfectly throughout the universe. Humans can only interpret God's perfect spiritual waves with fragile imperfect words. There will not be peace on earth unless perfect religions learn spiritual compassion and reason to unite and integrate for worshipping God, and for loving and caring for all of humanity.
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              ISBN 9780979071072
              Released NZ 16 Mar 2015
              Publisher H Fulcher Publishers
              Interest Age General Audience
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