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              Tangent Supermans Reign TP Vol 02

              Tangent Supermans Reign TP Vol 02 (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Jurgens, Dan; Marz, Ron; Illustrated by Magno, Carlos; Craig, Wes

              In the 1990s, DC Comics created a line of DC TANGENT comics where only the heroes' names remain the same -- everything else was changed. In this graphic novel, the heroes from Tangent Earth and the DC Earth are about to collide! In the years since the Tangent world was last seen,... a mind-reading, telekinetic Superman has taken control and brought peace, but at the cost of the world's freedoms. And as the walls between the Tangent Earth and the DC Earth being to fall, the Tangent Superman's visions are about to get even grander.
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              ISBN 9781401224745
              Released NZ 9 Sep 2009
              Publisher DC Comics
              Interest Age 13+ years
              Series Tangent (DC Comics)
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