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              Wishes and Worries

              Wishes and Worries (Paperback)

              By Dickson, Sarina; Illustrated by Cooper, Jenny

              This resource consists of two picture books, beautifully illustrated by Jenny Cooper and endorsed by All Right. Wishes and Worries is a book for teachers and their class and in its Toolkit at the back of the book are lesson plan ideas to introduce children to the ways anxiety may... be effecting their learning and strategies to lesson anxiety's impact. The Worry Bug is a book for families and in its Toolkit at the back of the book are ideas and exercises for home focusing on the way anxiety can change our behaviour and impact on family life.
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              ISBN 9780473319267
              Published NZ 1 Jul 2015
              Publisher NZ / SP Author Self Published
              Interest Age 5-10 years
              Series The Worry Bug Project
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