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              A Course in English Language Teaching (1)A Court of Thorns and Roses (19)A Craft Studio Book (5)A Cragg and Fidelis Mystery (3)A Crane and Drake mystery (1)A creative minds biography (6)A Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Mystery (4)A Crispin Guest Mystery (10)A Crown Agent series (1)A Crown by Christmas (14)A Crown of Blood and Honour (6)A Crown of Shards Novel (5)A Crowner John Mystery (30)A Cullen and Cobb Mystery (10)A D Hunter Mysteries (1)A D Hunter Mystery (9)A Dahlia Moss Mystery (4)A Daisy Dalrymple mystery (7)A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery (7)A Dan Connor Mystery (3)A Dan Delaney Mystery (1)A Dan Sharp Mystery (19)A Dance horizons book (11)A Daniel Jacobus Mystery (4)A Daniel Whelan Mystery (6)A Danny Ryan Mystery (1)A Danny Ryan Thriller (2)A Daphne Du Maurier Mystery (1)A Darcy Lott Mystery (5)A Dark Alliance Novel (4)A Dark Lure Novel (1)A Dark Romance (1)A Dark Talents Novel (8)A Darker Shade of Magic (7)A Darkest Minds Novel (5)A Daughters of the Promise Novel (24)A Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery (3)A Dave Gurney Novel (4)A David Mitre Thriller (3)A David Spandau Mystery (3)A David Vogel Mystery (5)A Day at (4)A Day to Remember (11)A Day with (1)A DCI Anna Tate Crime Thriller (7)A DCI Monika Paniatowski Mystery (9)A DCI Ronnie Carlson Novel (1)A de Vincent Novel (1)A Death in Paradise Mystery (14)A Dek Elstrom PI Mystery (3)A Del Rey book (62)A Delpha Wade and Tom Phelan Mystery (2)A Demonica Novel (2)A Department Q Thriller (2)A Deputy Donut Mystery (5)A Det. Insp. Tom Harper Mystery (5)A Detective Daniel Turner Mystery (9)A Detective Elouise Norton novel (5)A Detective Lennon Thriller (2)A Detective Penley Mystery (2)
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