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              Torpedo (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Maslen, Andy

              Putting yourself up against one organised crime syndicate is a challenge. Former SAS member Gabriel Wolfe takes on three at once. A Colombian drug cartel. A Hong Kong triad. And a Russian Mafiya gang.When he hired an assassin to kill Gabriel, the Russian crime boss Max Novgorodsk...y made a big mistake. The assassin's bullet missed Gabriel but took the life of one of his closest and dearest friends. Now the former SAS member has one thing on his mind. Vengeance.Heads, you loseHalfway round the world, in Colombia, cartel boss Marti Ruiz is killed by a woman dressed as a geisha. She cuts his head off with a sword and leaves it on the bonnet of his SUV, together with a perfectly round, red plum. Her name is Wei Mei, and she works for a third powerful criminal: a triad leader called Fang Jian.Gabriel's partner is Eli Schochat. She's a real badass with an IDF and Mossad background. Together, they travel to Saint Petersburg, then Nyurba in the far east of Russia. I want to go to prison Gabriel's plan is simple. Novgorodsky's organisation - Kuznitsa, the Forge - recruits its muscle from one of the worst penal colonies in Russia. Gabriel gets himself arrested and sent into the mouth of hell that is Red Dog.While Gabriel gets closer to exacting revenge on Max, Wei Mei is mopping up the rest of the Colombian cartel. The three opposing forces, with Gabriel caught in the crossfire, come together at Max's country house outside Moscow in an explosive climax.If you like your action intenseAs a Department operative, Gabriel is expected to play by the rules - even if they're written by an off-books outfit run by his former CO. But this is no Department mission. This is personal. And the only rule is, keep going until Max is dead, or you are.Gabriel's skills extend from unarmed combat to knife-fighting and automatic weapons. From espionage to covert surveillance. Foreign languages to hypnosis. He'll need them all on this single-minded pursuit of justice for his dead friend.BUY YOUR COPY
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              ISBN 9781072007920
              Released NZ 3 Jun 2019
              Publisher Independently Published
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series Gabriel Wolfe Thrillers
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