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              Macmillan series in civil engineering (1)Macmillan series in information systems (2)Macmillan Series in Marketing Management (2)Macmillan Series of ILO Studies (7)Macmillan shakespeare (15)Macmillan Shakespeare for study & performance (3)Macmillan short stories (5)Macmillan Small Business (5)MacMillan Social Science Library (1)Macmillan social studies programme (11)Macmillan social studies programme for Uganda (10)Macmillan social studies series (4)Macmillan Society & Environment series (8)Macmillan sociology (1)Macmillan Software (6)Macmillan software engineering (1)Macmillan spirit masters (44)Macmillan story charts (3)Macmillan structured questions for GCSE (1)Macmillan Student Companions Series (8)Macmillan student editions (8)Macmillan students' novels (22)Macmillan Studies in Anglo-Irish Literature (4)Macmillan Studies in Contemporary Philosophy (2)Macmillan Studies in Economics (1)Macmillan studies in finance & accounting (2)MacMillan Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature (1)Macmillan studies in Victorian literature (9)Macmillan study guides (11)Macmillan Study Skills (113)Macmillan teach & test book (2)MacMillan Teach Yourself in 24 Hours (1)Macmillan teacher's resource book (6)Macmillan Teaching Handbooks (4)Macmillan Teaching Resource (3)Macmillan Technical (1)Macmillan Technology (9)MacMillan technology series (1)Macmillan test books in biology (3)Macmillan texts in economics (6)Macmillan traveller's map (6)Macmillan traveller's maps (15)Macmillan travellers maps (2)Macmillan tropical & sub-tropical medical texts (3)Macmillan tropical community health manuals (12)Macmillan tropical nursing & health sciences (9)Macmillan Uganda primary English course (4)Macmillan Uganda primary English course (MUPEC) (1)Macmillan updating for business (8)Macmillan Visual Guide (6)Macmillan Wall Charts (16)Macmillan wallcharts (2)MacMillan Wars of the United States (2)Macmillan Work Out (85)Macmillan work out series (mathematics) (1)Macmillan work out series (science): revision aids for GCSE & A-level (1)Macmillan world library (8)Macmillan world library: exploring energy (2)Macmillan world library: How our bodies work (8)Macmillan world library: the universe (1)
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