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            The Naked Civil Servant

            The Naked Civil Servant (Blu-ray, M)

            • $68.99

            The BAFTA-winning adaptation of Quentin Crisp s best-selling autobiography, The Naked Civil Servant features an arguably career-best performance by John Hurt as Crisp a flamboyant homosexual trying to live an openly gay lifestyle in the intolerant pre-war years. Funny, tragic ...

            Blu-ray Code 994642
            Published 5 June 2017 by NZ / SP Author Self Published
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            A Cosmos - Personal Voyage

            A Cosmos - Personal Voyage (Blu-ray, MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT)

            • $59.99

            Astronomer Carl Sagan's landmark 13-part science series takes you on an awe-inspiring cosmic journey to the edge of the Universe and back aboard the spaceship of the imagination. Topics covered include: the 15-billion year history of the Universe; the evolution of life on Earth a ...

            Blu-ray Code VVE1097
            Barcode 9337369010977
            Published 11 May 2017 by Madman Films
            Usually ships 5-14 working days – Title is showing as available from publisher
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            Road To Perdition

            Road To Perdition (Blu-ray, TBC)

            • $29.99
            Blu-ray Code R-F12678-1
            Barcode 9321337119953
            Published 1 September 2010 by Twentieth Century Fox
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            Missing Link

            Missing Link (Blu-ray, PG)

            • $42.99

            The charismatic Sir Lionel Frost considers himself to be the world's foremost investigator of myths and monsters. The trouble is none of his small-minded high-society peers seems to recognize this. Sir Lionel's last chance for acceptance by the adventuring elite rests on travelin ...

            Blu-ray Code R-124991-8
            Barcode 9398700039873
            Release Date 24 July 2019 by Roadshow
            Pre-order title (not yet released/available) and will ship once released.
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            Smallville: Season 9

            Smallville: Season 9 (Blu-ray, R13)

            • $69.99

            Great planet Earth is. So great that other survivors of Planet Krypton wouldn't mind making it home and taking control. But fellow Kryptonian Clark Kent has a warning for Zod and his followers who cross the line especially if they seek to enlist Lois Lane in their schemes: I will ...

            Blu-ray Code BDSY28307
            Barcode 9325336113790
            Published 9 March 2011 by WARNER BROS. VIDEO LTD
            Series Smallville
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            Breaking Bad Season 3

            Breaking Bad Season 3 (Blu-ray, R)

            • $26.99

            Winner of two 2010 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Bryan Cranston and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Aaron Paul, BREAKING BAD: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON returns, hailed by the Los Angeles Times as 'the best show on televisio ...

            Blu-ray Code BDP12263
            Barcode 9317731087707
            Published 11 July 2012 by Sony
            Ready to ship!
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            Sons Of Anarchy Season 4

            Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 (Blu-ray, R16)

            • $69.99

            Ride full-throttle with the Sons of Anarchy into the most intense, adrenaline-charged season ever! Out of prison and back in business, SAMCRO faces a powerful new nemesis as they forge an unlikely alliance and head in a dangerous new direction. As a deadly internal power struggle ...

            Blu-ray Code 53790SBO
            Barcode 9321337137049
            Published 9 May 2013 by 20th Century Fox
            Ready to ship!
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            Cliff Richards - Live At The Sydney Opera House

            Cliff Richards - Live At The Sydney Opera House (Blu-ray, G)

            NZ Rating G

            • $26.99

            Sir Cliff Richard OBE, with global record sales beyond 250 million and a ceaseless performance schedule spanning the 54 years of his career, returns to your lounge room on DVD and BLU RAY with his brand new live show recorded at the Sydney Opera House - Still Reelin and A-Rockin!

            Blu-ray Code VVE494
            Barcode 9337369004945
            Published 14 November 2013 by Madman Films
            Series Cliff Richards
            Ready to ship!
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            True Blood - Season 5

            True Blood - Season 5 (Blu-ray, R18)

            • $69.99

            In addition to returning cast favorites - human/faerie waitress Sookie Stackhouse, her vampire suitors Bill Compton and Eric Northman, soulsearching palTara, shape-shifting boss Sam, rakish brother Jason, clairvoyant Lafayette and teen-vamp Jessica Season 5 introduces a whole ...

            Blu-ray Code WVBDS6167311
            Barcode 9325336167311
            Published 22 May 2013 by Warner Brothers
            Series True Blood
            Ready to ship!
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            G FORCE

            G FORCE (Blu-ray, PG)

            • $49.99

            With the world's largest mechanized army hidden among us, only the G-Force can avert the global conquest planned by billionaire industrialist Leonard Saber. A top secret, highly trained unit of the NSA, G-Force are the cutting-edge in biological intelligence operations. With glob ...

            Blu-ray Code T10160
            Barcode 9398541016071
            Published 27 January 2011 by Disney
            Ready to ship!
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