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            Anchorman (1)Ancient Aliens (12)Ancient Megastructur (3)Angel (107)Angelina Ballerina (184)Anger Management (12)Angry Beavers (8)Angry Birds (73)Angry Birds Movie, The (2)Animal Kingdom (226)Annabelle (3)Anne of Green Gables (90)Anthony Bourdain (1)Anzac Girls (1)Aoharu X Machinegun (5)Arrow (33)Arthur & George (1)Assassination Classroom (31)Asterix (137)At Last Smith And Jones (1)Attack on Titan (84)Auf Wiedersehen Pet (8)Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (23)Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, The (1)Avatar (30)Avengers (63)Avengers Assemble (26)Avengers, The: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2)Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (1)Awkward (1)Babar (98)Babar and the Adventures of Badou (3)Babe (5)Baby Jake (14)Baby Looney Taunes (1)Baby Looney Tunes (16)Back At The Barnyard (5)Back to the Future (9)Bakugan (14)Bamboo Blade (4)Banana's in Pyjamas (1)Bananas in Pyjamas (92)Banshee (12)Barbie (123)Barbie In A Mermaid's Tale (3)Barefoot Contessa (2)Barney (93)Batman (446)Batman Brave & the Bold (4)Batman Super Villains (2)Batman Unlimited (4)Batman: the animated series (9)Batman: The Brave & the Bold (14)Battlefield Diaries (1)BCI Banks (1)Bear Grylls (2)Bear Grylls: Breaking Point (1)Bear in the BBH (4)Beauty and the Beast (29)Being Human (13)
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