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Helpful Tips On How to Use ePlatform Administration

Within this section you will find some helpful tips on how to use the ePlatform Admin section. To use the ePlatform Admin section you need to be logged into your unique ePlatform and have Admin rights enabled.

If your login does not feature admin rights, please contact us to organise this.

 How to restrict titles to specific age groups:

If you would like to restrict particular titles for specific age groups this can be done on a per title basis.

For this function to work you will need to supply us with the Date of Birth for students. If using SIP2, the 'Date Of Birth' field will need to be utilised within your LMS. If using the FTP upload, you will need to make sure you are uploading the 'Date Of Birth' information within your text file.

Find the title that you would like to add an age restriction to.

Click into the product and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Edit the 'Age Restriction' field by adding in the minimum age required.

How to Edit Loan Times

To edit the loan length of your eBooks, login to your unique ePlatform and click on the grey 'Admin' tab.
Please note this method will change all your eBooks enabled with Global Settings.

Select 'Global Site Settings'

Edit the 'Loan Time' field to your preferred option. Example: 3 weeks = 21 days.