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              This area features titles by New Zealand, Australian or Pasifika authors or publishers. It also contains titles from around the world with a uniquely New Zealand, Australian and Pasifika perspective. This in-depth coverage includes material supplied by mainstream publishers, small specialist/niche publishers and self-published authors. View our recently added titles.

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              List of titles published in the past 3 months (Feb 2020 - May 2020).

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              Lost Wonders

              Lost Wonders (Paperback)

              By Ell, Sarah; Illustrated by Morris, Phoebe

              • RRP: $24.99
              • $18.74
              • Save $6.25
              • In Stock At Publisher

              The stories of these fascinating creatures - birds, insects, reptiles and plants - are told in an entertaining and accessible style, drawing on first-hand accounts and supported with useful illustrations. It draws on accounts of their demise, and of the social climate in New Zeal...and in which these extinctions occurred. Illustrated with line drawings by Phoebe Morris, and written in a relatable style, this is perfect for 8-12 year olds, telling true stories about the species and the people involved in their extinction and/or recovery. Featured species include those which are long gone - New Zealand's dinosaurs, penguins and pelicans, and the giant gecko; extinctions since the human habitation of New Zealand, including the moa, piopio, huia and laughing owl, and native fish the grayling; species which were lost and found - the takahe, taiko, Tecomanthe speciosa and the weevils of Canterbury; and those at risk of extinction and how it came to this - kakapo, kaki, Maui's dolphin, kauri and whitebait.
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              ISBN 9781988547442
              Published NZ 3 Mar 2020
              Publisher Allen & Unwin
              Interest Age Children
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Life as a Casketeer: What the Business of Death Can Teach the Living

              Life as a Casketeer: What the Business of Death Can Teach the Living (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Tipene, Francis; Tipene, Kaiora

              • RRP: $39.99
              • $29.99
              • Save $10.00
              • In Stock At Publisher

              A celebration of life and death. A book to make you laugh and cry. A deep, funny and personal story about the lives of New Zealand's favourite undertakers, Francis and Kaiora Tipene. Born and raised in Northland, the married couple and parents to five boys now star in the third s...eries of their own reality television show The Casketeers, a show about day-to-day life (and death) at their Auckland funeral business, Tipene Funerals. This is Francis and Kaiora's story, a story about a modest yet richly cultural Maori upbringing in the communities of Pawarenga and Kaitaia, the trials and tribulations of their love and marriage, the joy of raising five sons, and the dedication and mahi required to grow a business. It's also a book about traditions of tangihanga, tikanga Maori and Polynesian ways of morning the dead. Inspirational, hilarious, and wise: this is a book to make you see dying, grief and remembrance in a totally new light.
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              ISBN 9781775541486
              Published NZ 4 Feb 2020
              Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
              Interest Age General Audience
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              The Boys in the Waka Ama

              The Boys in the Waka Ama (Paperback)

              By Belcher, Angie; Illustrated by Tipuna, Debbie

              • RRP: $18.99
              • $14.24
              • Save $4.75
              • In Stock At Publisher

              "Tahi, rua, toru, wha! Hoea to waka! Meet the team of boys who are training hard for the big competition in this exciting story about waka ama racing!"--Publisher information.

              ISBN 9780143774297
              Published NZ 4 Feb 2020
              Publisher Penguin
              Interest Age 3-7 years
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              The Divorce Diaries

              The Divorce Diaries (Trade Paperback / Paperback)

              By Quigley, Sarah

              • RRP: $38.00
              • $28.50
              • Save $9.50
              • In Stock At Publisher

              Funny, honest, confronting, wise, this is a compelling and bitter-sweet true story of breaking up and breaking through. 'I hear you're divorced?' a friend greets me. 'Congratulations!' The Divorce Diaries outlines the difficult and often heart-breaking process of leaving a marria...ge and beginning again. Sarah Quigley has garnered numerous accolades, including Column of the Year in the MPA Awards, for her magazine articles on the subject. Now she revisits the tumultuous months leading up to exiting her marriage - and the equally confusing emotions that follow. Living in a tiny rooftop apartment, surrounded by glossy millionaire neighbours. Overcoming grief, guilt and regret, while learning to enjoy being alone again. Taking the first tentative steps into a changed world of dating. Quigley shares both her darkest and most hilarious moments as a divorcee, all played out against the colourful bohemian backdrop of her adopted city, Berlin. Ultimately, this book traces rediscovering a belief in love.
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              ISBN 9780143772941
              Published NZ 31 Mar 2020
              Publisher Random House
              Interest Age General Audience
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Visiting Grandma

              Visiting Grandma (Paperback)

              By Va'afusuaga, Jane; Illustrated by Pinder-Pancho, Azra

              • RRP: $25.00
              • $22.50
              • Save $2.50
              • Temporarily out of stock

              A children's picture book about a Samoan family set in New Zealand from the perspective of a pakeha girl. A normal event in one culture may seem odd to another culture. But when pakeha Rachel goes with her new Samoan friend Luisa to visit her grandmother, it's not quite what Rach...el expects.
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              ISBN 9781877484353
              Published NZ 1 May 2020
              Publisher Little Island Press Ltd
              Interest Age 2-6 years
              Title is temporarily out of stock
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              Sado (Paperback)

              By Nyman, Mikaela

              • RRP: $30.00
              • $25.50
              • Save $4.50
              • In Stock At Publisher

              Friday 13 March, 2015: Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Pam makes landfall with devastating consequences. Vanuatu is bruised but not broken.

              ISBN 9781776562985
              Published NZ 12 Mar 2020
              Publisher Victoria University Press
              Interest Age General Audience
              In stock at publisher; ships 6-12 working days
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              Fa'afisi's Turn

              Fa'afisi's Turn (Paperback)

              By Macgregor, Jill

              • RRP: $30.99
              • $30.99
              • Available At Publisher

              A story from Samoa. Fa'afisi is nervous because this is his first time to serve the 'apa fafano or handwashing bowl to the women who have finished lunch after their committee meeting.

              ISBN 9780995134836
              Published NZ 1 Feb 2020
              Publisher Puriri Paddocks
              Interest Age General Audience
              Showing available at publisher; usually ships 7-14 working days
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              The Undertaker's Apprentice

              The Undertaker's Apprentice (Paperback)

              By Oliver, Geraldine

              • Imp. $40.50
              • $40.50
              • No availability locally

              Dartel was going to be an AB*, a living legend, until the accident that killed his best mate Peejay. Peejay's death changed everything. Dartel found himself working for the undertaker who took charge of Peejay's funeral.

              ISBN 9781784655211
              Released NZ 30 Apr 2020
              Publisher Misc - South Pacific Books
              Interest Age General Audience
              Internationally sourced; usually ships 2-3 weeks
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              Fire Thief

              Fire Thief (Hardback)

              By Bokur, Debra

              • RRP: $59.99
              • $47.99
              • Save $12.00
              • Pre Release International

              The scenery may be beautiful, but dangerous secrets are buried beneath paradise in this first thriller featuring Maui detective Kali Mahoe. Under a promising morning sky, police captain Walter Alaka'i makes a tragic discovery: the body of a teenage surfer bobbing among the lava r...ocks of Maui's southeastern shore. It appears to be an ill-fated accident, but closer inspection reveals something far more sinister than the results of a savage wave gone wrong. Now that Alaka'i is looking at a homicide, he solicits the help of his niece, Detective Kali Mahoe. The granddaughter of one of Hawaii's most respected spiritual leaders, and on the transcendent path to becoming a kahu herself, Kali sees evidence of a strange ritual murder. The suspicion is reinforced by a rash of sightings of a noppera-bo--a faceless and malicious spirit many believe to be more than superstition. When a grisly sacrifice is left on the doorstep of a local, and another body washes ashore, Kali fears that the deadly secret ceremonies on Maui are just beginning. To uncover a motive and find the killer, Kali leans on her skills at logic and detection. But she must also draw on her own personal history with the uncanny legends of the islands. Now, as the skies above Maui grow darker, and as she balances reason and superstition, Kali can only wonder: Who'll be the next to die? And who--or what--is she even on the trail of?
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              ISBN 9781496727725
              Released NZ 26 May 2020
              Publisher Kensington Publishing
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series A Dark Paradise Mystery
              Available for pre-order, ships once internationally released 26 May 2020
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              Zac Langdon Pole's Art Journey: Constellations

              Zac Langdon Pole's Art Journey: Constellations (Paperback)

              • RRP: $65.00
              • $65.00
              • Pre Release Local

              TheBMW Art Journey is a joint initiative of Art Basel and BMW that offers artists an opportunity to undertake a journey of creative discovery to a destination of their own choosing. Like a mobile studio, the BMW Art Journey can take an artist to almost anywhere in the world-to es...tablish contacts, to forge perspectives, to envision and create new work. The BMW Art Journey is open to artists exhibited in the Discoveries sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong. Zac Langdon-Pole's journey Sutures of the Skyhas taken him across a world that humans and birds have been navigating through millennia. He followed the flight paths of birds like the white stork or the arctic tern, traveling along the earth's axis where the Northern and Southern Hemispheres' summers intersect. Migrating birds cover some of the longest distances traveled by any living being. Their routes have guided the Polynesian pathfinders across the seas. Inspired by this ancient celestial tracing, the artist questions the position of humans as the center of the world. Weaving through Central Europe, Southern Africa, and the Pacific Islands of Samoa and Hawaii, he seeks to understand how culture intersects with the science of celestial mapping-and from there flows into larger existential inquiries about who we are and how we are situated in the world.
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              ISBN 9783775746243
              Released NZ 15 May 2020
              Publisher Hatje Cantz
              Interest Age General Audience
              Series BMW Art Journey
              Available for pre-order, ships once released
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